A People of Excellence Serving the God of Excellence. Psalm 8:9

Support Ministries

Audio/Visual Ministry

The Audio/Visual Ministry purpose is to provide audio and visual media communications during worship services. They are responsible to the operation and maintenance of the sound reinforcement system, video and audio recordings, lighting, and other enhancement techniques that provides for an enriched worship atmosphere.

Choir Ministry

The Choir Ministry ministers songs of praise, adoration and worship that ushers the congregation into the presence of the Lord and prepare hearts for the reception of God’s Word.

Church Clerk Ministry

The Church Clerk Ministry purpose is to provide scheduling coordination and conflict resolutions for all church activities and functions. The Church Clerk Ministry operates as the primary communication link to all ministries of the church as well as external church communications.

Dance & Drama Ministry

The Dance & Drama Ministry (D&DM) purpose is to exuberantly worship the Lord Jesus Christ through anointed dance routines and drama performances.

Eucharist Ministry

The Eucharist Ministry purpose is for the preparation of the Holy Communion (Lord’s Supper) every 1st Sunday or as requested by the Pastor.

Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry purpose is to ensure the financial wellness of the church through effective budget administration practices to ensure the church’s financial obligations are met. The Finance Ministry is responsible for maintaining itemized and auditable financial records of all transactions and providing members with statements of their annual contributions. At the close of the calendar year, the Finance Ministry is responsible for the transfer of financial records to our CPA accountant to perform independent audit of our financial records.


The H.O.P.E. Ministry purpose is to spread the message of Hope, Opportunity, Peace, and Eternal Life – found only in Jesus Christ- to those who find themselves in unfortunate situations of spiritual, emotional, substance and physical abuse.

Hospitality Ministry

The Hospitality Ministry purpose is to create a compassionate, loving and welcoming atmosphere to every visitor and member of our church. We minister to the needs of the members during funerals, sickness, fellowship dinners, anniversaries, birthdays and other functions as directed by the Pastor.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry purpose is to provide a safe haven for men to share and assist the brethren through difficult times and foster their spiritual growth and development in the Lord.

Missionary Ministry

The Missionary Ministry purpose is to be the hands, feet, eyes and heart of Christ to hurting humanity. This is accomplished through prayer, comfort, compassion, visitation and other acts of kindness as appropriate.

Musicians Ministry

The Musicians Ministry endeavors to usher the congregation into the presence of the Lord through the playing of musical instruments. The Musicians Ministry accompanies the Choir and Dance & Drama ministries during normal worship service and special services at the church and during our Pastor’s outside preaching engagements.

New Member Orientation Ministry

The New Member Orientation Ministry purpose is to introduce new converts to the foundational teaching and belief of the church. This is accomplished through a series of modular teaching sessions on salvation, baptism, Lord’s Supper, tithing and spiritual growth.

Pastor’s Support Ministry

The Pastor’s Support Ministry purpose is to support the Pastor – spiritually, physically and materially – as the Shepherd of our flock. Our goal is to meet the overall needs of our Pastor in every aspect of his ministry needs.

Sign Language Ministry

The Sign Language Ministry purpose is to provide a communications link for those who are hearing impaired. Their mission is to convey, through hand signage, the words of the songs, announcements and the preached Word.

Special Recognition Ministry

The Special Recognition Ministry purpose is to remember and recognize RBC members during special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries and graduations) and during times of distress (hospitalization and bereavements).

Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry purpose is to be “doorkeeps” of the Lord’s house. Their mission is to create a loving, friendly and welcoming environment whereby worshippers entering His house will feel appreciated and valued.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry is affectionately known as “ABBA’s Girls. Their purpose is to provide a safe haven for women to share and assist the sisters through difficult times and foster their spiritual growth and development in the Lord.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

The Youth & Young Adult Ministry (Y&YA) purpose is to equip our youth to be committed and uncompromising young adults for Christ and to go forth and win their generation for the Lord. The Y&YA is responsible for training our youth to become the future leaders of our church, the community and the nation.