A People of Excellence Serving the God of Excellence. Psalm 8:9

Leadership Ministries

Deacons Ministry
The Deacons Ministry’s mission is to serve God by assisting the Pastor in providing the spiritual and temporal needs of the membership. The Deacons Ministry’s primary responsibility is to provide spiritual leadership to the members using Biblical precepts and lifestyle examples. They are responsible for maintaining a worship atmosphere that promotes spiritual growth and advancement of the Kingdom of our Savior. The Deacons are responsible for visiting and maintaining accountability for the membership; Assisting the Pastor in the care of the sick, needy, and distressed members of the Church and community; Preparing for the observance of the ordinances of the Church (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper); Assisting the Pastor in carrying out the vision for the church and ensuring the efficient operation of the Church.

Ministerial Staff Ministry
The Ministerial Staff Ministry consists of licensed and/or ordained ministers who assist the Pastor in the spiritual aspects of the church. They exercise their spiritual gifts as teachers and preachers of the Gospel as well as assisting the Pastor in serving Holy Communion, Baptisms and other duties as directed by the Pastor.

Trustees Ministry
The Trustees’ Ministry is responsible for the overall maintenance and upkeep of the church property and administration of the church’s assets. Each member serves on various subcommittees within the ministry’s realm of responsibility to ensure all administrative responsibilities are addressed. The Trustee Ministry interfaces with all ministries of the church to ensure timely & effective administration of the church’s business needs. The Trustee Ministry is also responsible for the recordation of church finances on a weekly basis.