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Our Pastor

Biography of Reverend Alexander Joe Martin

Pastor Alexander MartinReverend Martin would like to be known simply as a humble servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. He was licensed and ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1998 and has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ on numerous occasions in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. His ministry is a combination of preaching and teaching and he thoroughly enjoys sharing the Word of God with others.

Reverend Martin formerly served as Pastor’s Assistant at the New Southern Rock Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. During this seven year tenure, Reverend Martin assisted in all aspect of the ministry, including administering Holy Communion, baptism, funerals, weddings, and overseeing the church administration during the absence of the Pastor.

In January 2005, Reverend Martin became the founding Pastor of Resurrection Bible Church, Inc., in Adelphi, Maryland. Resurrection Bible Church is a Bible centered preaching and teaching ministry whose primary focus is Christian discipleship. Through the anointing power of the Holy Spirit, many souls are being evangelized, the saved are being discipled, and many believers are spiritually maturing in the Lord. In the past several years, several ministries have been established and membership continues to increase annually.

Reverend Martin is a graduate of Maple Springs Bible College & Seminary where he earned his Bachelors of Arts degree in Biblical Studies. He has completed several course requirements towards his Master of Divinity degree.

Pastor Martin resides in Bowie, Maryland with his wife, Reverend Sheila Martin, and is the father of three children: Sonya, Antonio (Tony) , and Alexander II (AJ).

Reverend Martin’s greatest desire in life is to please God and he has devoted the remainder of his earthly life in pursuit of this goal.